Gochoppers is primarily an Air Charter Services Management Company based in Gurugram (Gurgaon) which is part of the National Capital Territory of India. Our air charter services are available in almost all major cities of South – East Asia. We have an expert team of Tour Managers and Experience Pilots on-board to understand and operate upon any customized or tailer-made requirements.

Our Air Charter services are available for following segments
Medical Emergencies and Rescue Operations.
Pilgrimage Tours

Heritage Tours

Special Tours

Gochoppers is offering best in class services in Helicopter Rental and Air Charter Services. We assure you the luxury of picking you up from your home / hotel or office for the destination and help you save your time by accomplishing entire itinerary with an objective to save your time on minute-to-minute basis.

Advantages of Helicopter Rental & Air Charter Services
Air Charter for Luxury and Privileged access to remote locations in India.
Save Time in case of Medical Emergencies by Helicopter Rentals for Air Ambulance Services.
Aerial Photography and Videography for documentary or film making by Helicopter.
Real time Drone Flying Experience and Videography from the top of some exotic destinations in India by Helicopter.
To operate and manage Election Campaigns by helicopter rentals.
Helicopter Rental / Air charter services for Search and Rescue Operations in India.
Reach remote and difficult to reach destinations by Helicopter Charter at your comfort. Be it a village or any region in difficult terrains like Himalaya.
Recommended for Expats or NRIs visiting the country for short periods.
Helicopter Rentals are ideal for pilgrimage tours for elderly people.
Helicopter Charters are also recommended for Mega Corporate Events, Marriages and Engagements.
Helicopter Rentals are Ideal for Romantic Honeymoon Tours. Make your special event even more special by hiring Go Choppers Air Charter services.
General Guidelines
Helicopter Rental or Air Charter Services are available on Hourly basis and therefore it is recommended to discuss entire itinerary and arrangement in detail.
It is strongly suggested to foreclose the requirements as space inside the charter is limited.
Our experts can also help you understand any additional tours you can do along with what you are currently planning and therefore a chance to meet and understand the requirement is always recommended.