Helicopter Ride to Mani Mahesh Lake

Helicopter ride to Mani Mahesh Lake in Chamba District of Himachal Pradesh, India. The name Manimahesh connotes a gem (Mani) on Lord Shiva’s (Mahesh’es) crown…. Neighborhood individuals assert that the moon-beams reflected from the gem can be seen from Manimahesh Lake on clear full-moon evenings (which is an uncommon occasion)… It will probably be the light reflected from the icy mass , like a serpent on Shiva’s neck…

Manimahesh Yatra by Helicopter 2018

Mani Mahesh is called ” Man hello there Mahesh” in light of the fact that it is trusted that genuine commitment itself is favoring of Shiva. Consistently a great many aficionados visit the pool of Manimahesh for venerating master Shiva. The place traits its name ‘Mani Mahesh’ to the fanciful conviction that there is Mani (a gem) on Lord Shiva’s crown and local people trust that the moon beams reflected from the Mani can be seen from Manimahesh lake on clear full-moon evenings. Truth be told, the light reflected from the icy mass that embellishes the pinnacle truly resembles a sparkling gem on the leader of the mountain. There are numerous other intriguing fanciful stories well known among local people related with this place. They solidly trust that a plunge into the Lake would get peace and wash all their past sins.

Helicopter Service Manimahesh Yatra

Helicopter benefit for Manimahesh yatra is accessible from Bharmour. It takes just 8 minutes from Bharmour to Gauri kund (Manimahesh) by helicopter. The Helicopter flies from Bharmour Helipad or Chamba relying on the reservation you have… and after that spans up to Gauri Kund. From Gauri Kund onwards you need to proceed next 1 km by walking and afterward after Darshan you should returned to get the flight from Gauri Kund to Bharmour Helipad/Chamba… This place is accepted to be second to the Lake Manasarovar in its religious significance.

Helicopter Ride Price
  • One-way – Rs. 2510/ – (Inclusive of expenses)
  • Both-way – Rs. 5020/ – (Inclusive of expenses)
Date of Commencement
  • 18th August 2018 to 12th September 2018
Booking Confirmation
  • 40 % of the amount to paid for booking confirmation and balance 20 days before departure.
  • Incase of foreign nationals, a minimum of 01 months advance confirmation and the copy of documents like passport, visa and ID card is required.
Terms & Conditions
  • Mentioned flight shall depend upon weather / wind/ fog / visibility conditions and flight schedules are subject to change / divert due to weather conditions, flight safety and operational restrictions.
  • Confirmation of the flight is subject to availability and booking can be confirmed after the receipt of 100% advance payment only. Passengers are allowed 5 kg baggage and the average weight per person is assumed to be 75kg.
Cancellation Charges
  • 25% of the total estimated charter cost will be levied if the flight is cancelled any time after blocking of the aircraft till 07 days of the scheduled departure.
  • 50% of the total estimated charter cost will be levied if the flight is cancelled within 04 days of the scheduled departure.
  • 100 % of the total estimated charter cost will be levied if the flight is cancelled within 02 days of the scheduled departure.

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