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  /  Capt. Puneet Bakshi

Capt. Puneet Bakshi

Managing Director & Promoter


GoChoppers™ is an initiative of Capt Bakshi with Aim to promote Helicopter Tourism in India- to both Domestic as well as Overseas tourists who come into India to experience the beauty and cultural diversity that the country has to offer- which in unparalleled in the world. GoChoppers™ has offices pan India and overseas. We provide travel solutions to the discerning tourists who want to travel with maximum comfort and ease.

Capt Bakshi, a 46-year-old Helicopter Pilot has an experience of more than 5000 hrs of incident/accident free flying on all types of aircraft, including propellers, jets and helicopters, both Single Engine and Twins. He is an alumnus of the National Defence Academy NDA. He has served in the Indian Air force and retired from there as a Wing Commander.

He holds a valid Commercial Pilots License. He has more than 2500 hrs of High Altitude Mountain Flying experience

In 2013 , he was involved in the Kedarnath disaster relief operations, where he saved more than 1000 lives flying Single Pilot in Mercy Missions, risking his life for the cause. His actions were highly commended in the press and in the media, and he was frequently invited as an expert and a Hero in discussions on Disaster Relief on various TV Programs on NDTV and other Channels. He believes that the nation needs aviation to come forth and involve itself in nation building, as that is the only way forward for greater efficiency.

He has two daughters (twins) who adore him. He likes to spend his free time in reading poems.

Born on: January 18, 1977
Email: team@gochoppers.com
Phone: +1128 9985 5478
Lives in: New Delhi
Education: Delhi University